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7 Years of Service

Since 2016, Colvard & Co. has strived to create delicious sausages by using all-natural and fresh ingredients on the Maine coast

Colvard & Co began on the coast of Maine in 2016. Our founder discovered his passion for sausage making while working in the restaurant industry.

What started as an off-season business has steadily grown into a leading handcrafted sausage company.

We make artesian sausage featuring creative flavor combinations and the highest quality ingredients. Special attention is given to locally grown ingredients. As such, our reputation has only grown in richness over the years.

quality ingredients & zero fillers.

We take our time to craft quality, natural sausages.

Along with our fresh, all-natural chicken and pork sausages, we produce a variety of sausages. Our product offering includes chicken chorizo sausages, chicken garlic & thyme bratwurst, fresh kielbasa, jalapeno cheddar, spicy fennel, Massaman curry, sesame sriracha, and more. All our sausages are gluten-free!

We also offer co-packing of custom sausages. Our expert team of sausage makers can create customized products with unique flavor profiles. Get in touch to find out more.

Best Fresh Colvard & Co. SAUSAGE FROM maine

Modern Flavors Made With
Old-World Techniques

All our products contain absolutely no fillers. We stay true to our old-world roots. Always.
At Colvard, we’re great believers in the fact that what comes out of the grinder depends on the quality of our ingredients. We combine carefully chosen meats and spices for the tastiest sausages around. We’re quite proud of the work of our hands, and this is what drives our unwavering commitment to quality. 

From ingredients to appearance and packaging, Colvard Sausages exceed industry standards.


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Colvard & Co. Sausage, Taste of the Old World

the best sausages from Maine to New England

quality ingredients & zero fillers

Always Fresh, Always Tasty

Using old-world techniques and all-natural chicken and pork, we create fine gourmet sausages that can be customized to any taste.
Above all, our taste masters never stop innovating. We recently added all-natural chicken sausage varieties to our line of pork sausages.
Still, some things are never meant to change. At Colvard, we don’t compromise on quality or customer satisfaction.
Our products are made using only the finest cuts of meat and our handmade spice mix and don’t contain any fillers or nonsense that we would not eat ourselves.

At Colvard, we don’t compromise on quality or customer satisfaction.

Our products are made using only the finest cuts of meat and our handmade spice mix and don’t contain any fillers or nonsense that we would not eat ourselves.


Our version of breakfast sausage. We don’t use any artificial sweeteners, just real maple syrup, and dried sage.


An All-natural Chicken Sausage Made With 100% chicken thighs. We Make This Sausage With Fresh Lemon Zest, Whole Garlic, and Dried Thyme. It Is Also Sugar-Free, Dairy Free and Gluten Free.

Chicken Chorizo Chicken Chorizo

A chicken sausage that is packed with spices. A great alternative to pork sausage.


A classic italian sausage made with toasted fennel, garlic, and red pepper flakes. This sausage is equally delicious in spaghetti sauce or grilled with peppers and onions.

We’ve mastered the techniques of sausage making.

Browse our products to see everything we have to offer!


RECIPES, Tips & nutritions

Butternut Coconut Curry with Massaman Curry Sausage
Brat Pot Pie
Chorizo Beer Cheese Dip

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We bought your jalapeño cheddar sausage today at the Harvest Fest in Bangor. They are amazing. We knew after one bite we would be needing more of these tasty little “puppies”!

So,I fired up the IPad and searched for your website hoping to find the destination that would lead us to these delicious bites of happiness. Since I love going on road trips I was ready to whip out the Gazetteer and map out our journey. I clicked on the Find Us link and what did my wondering eyes see? Uncle Dean’s in the beautiful town of Waterville. I squealed with delight and wondered, why I have not seen these before? But I promise you here and now that I will be seeking them out the next time I go to visit Uncle Dean!

You’ve been blessed with a gift to create an impressive line of sausages. And we are very happy to have found your product. And you can have faith that we won’t be keeping this a secret. Our family and friends taste buds are in for an adventure!
I’m just checking in to tell you how delicious all of your products are. I ordered many pounds in various varieties back in the early summer. We’ve tried them all and everyone oohs and ahs when I serve these. We’ve tossed them on the grill, baked them in the oven and put them in a cast iron frying pan. There’s no bad way to cook them and they are so incredibly flavorful. I’ve sent out your link to my friends. Many thanks to your company for offering a chicken alternative as well. I have several friends who aren’t pork eaters and the chicken chorizo choice is actually one I am happy to be able to treat them to. I made tacos with it this summer for my daughter and I and the results were fantastic.
Traditional recipes and techniques, with Colvard & Co. own unique twist

How to Cook Sausage Like a Pro

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